Absa bursary 2017 – 2018

Absa bursary 2017 – 2018 : bursary application for absa bursary 2017 -2018

ABSA understands that life can be difficult and sometimes assistance is needed to reach one’s goals in life which in turn leads to a success and fulfilling career.  ABSA offers candidates who are motivated as well as dedicated to follow a career into the world of finance with bursaries to help them achieve their goals.  If you dream of working in the field of finance then you should apply for a bursary with ABSA.  Their aim is to fill the critical openings within the financial sector with skilled and properly qualified candidates that are willing to study full time to achieve this.

ABSA has sponsored between 50 and 80 candidates each year for the last five years in a wide range of financial fields and will keep doing so with their bursary program.  Have a look at the fields available if you would love to pursue such a career into the financial sector.

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