Afrisam Bursary 2017 -2018

Afrisam Bursary 2017 -2018 – bursary apllication for afrisam 2017 / 2018 . More details about afrisam bursaries below

Are you motivated and talented with a bright future, yet financial worries are preventing you from completing your education? We all know that studying is expensive and not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to afford further study. The AfriSam bursaries Program offers selected candidates that have the potential an opportunity to complete their studies.

AfriSam is well-known for delivering exceptional quality when it comes to building material. Furthermore, they offer incomparable services and technical expertise. This company is also known for being great supporters of ecological progress as they care about the planet and environment. They have been supplying the groundwork of this continent for more than eighty years, delivering practical resolutions along with the highest quality production resources within all fields of construction.

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  1. i am very passionate with veterinary science i would love to further my studies in university but financially i cant …

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