Afrisam Bursary 2017 -2018

They seek candidates with the same ethical and professional standards as they hold. Candidates who enjoy a challenge and would like to enter the world of mining, engineering and construction. Candidates with integrity and leadership qualities for their bursary program. This bursary program provided by AfriSam will assist in the development of talented minds, creating a brighter future.

Candidates who apply must have a strong will, a passion, be goal orientated and seek to rise to the top. Their program is designed to aid candidates financially, so they can concentrate on completing their studies.  This company has a remarkable standing within the world of business and is dedicated to making a change. If you are seeking for a strong and dedicated company and you know you have what they are seeking, then apply for a bursary from AfriSam.

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  1. i am very passionate with veterinary science i would love to further my studies in university but financially i cant …

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