Allan Gray Bursary 2017 -2018

Allan Gray Bursary 2017 -2018 . Allan gray Bursary application 2017 – 2018 . More details about allan gray bursaries below

Allan Gray strives to help financially strained pupils to complete their high school education by placing qualifying candidates at their partner placement schools.  Candidates that show an innovative business potential that can prove they need financial support will be considered for these bursaries.  This bursary program helps pupils develop their full potential as to become successful responsible entrepreneurs with a passion.

Entrepreneurial programs will be made available to successful candidates to provide them with a more solid start in life.  Allan Gray knows that every candidate is special in a way and comes from different unique backgrounds but they intend to provide each with the skills needed to become educated members of society that can start and run a business successfully.  They offer unique opportunities for South African students as well as students from Swaziland and Botswana.

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