bursaries for 2018

Below are the list of bursaries for 2018 . We constantly update the list to include the latest 2018 bursaries available to all universities. Select from the list of bursaries below for any bursary you want .

What is a bursary ?

In lay man’s english a bursary is simply a fund given to students to further their education. As a good will to help promote education many companies and government agencies set aside a specific amount each year to fund students who need funding. Some bursaries are specific to certain courses , for example the funza lushaka bursary is particular given to students in the education filed especially teaching thus funza lushaka is a teaching bursary .

A bursary is also a grant , most foreign countries call it a scholarships.

How to get a bursary

Getting a bursary  can be very easy when your follow the rules carefully. First before you apply for a bursary make sure you have fully read the requirements and the details about the bursary . Some bursaries are for certain courses only so make sure you check if your course is listed before apply.

Finally to better enhance your chances or getting a bursary please apply to multiple bursaries.

List of available bursaries for 2018

nsfas online application for 2018

funza lushaka application form 2018

ABSA bursary online application forms 2018

Allan Gray bursary 2018 application forms

Attorneys Fidelity Fund application forms 2018

Bowman Bursary 2018 application forms

City of Johannesburg Bursary 2018 application forms

Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Law Bursary 2018 application forms

department of environmental affairs bursaries 2018

Department of Tourism Bursary 2018 application forms

eastern cape government bursaries 2018 application forms

ekurhuleni bursary 2018 application forms



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