Bursary 2018 : List of top 2018 bursaries application forms south africa

Bursary for 2018: Once again this prestigious website bursary application.com which is making it very easy for south african students to search and apply for the best bursaries is listing the best 2018 bursaries available.This new bursary page contains everything about bursaries as well as online bursary application forms .

We listened to our visitors and have redesigned our front page to contains all the important links you need to quickly and successfully apply for bursaries. We will explains a few things about bursaries then give you access to the bursaries. Also you can skip to the bottom of the page for quick access to the online bursaries 2018

What is a bursary ?

Many companies , government agencies and university set aside funds to aid student in their academic pursuit in case of financial hardships. Bursaries are monies given to  individuals to further their studies. Bursaries usually cover tuition , accommodation and feeding . note that not all bursaries covers the things above but all bursaries cover tuition.

How are bursaries awarded: Bursaries are mostly awarded based on merits, to better your chance of getting a bursary 2018 make sure you take your studies seriously. Some companies also award bursaries to the families of their employees examples Mathew goniwe bursary , mqa bursaries , shoprite bursaries , sasol bursaries csir bursaries and many company bursaries  can be awarded to you easily if you have a relative working over there.

If you have a relative in a well established company i will advise you ask if the company awards bursary so you can take part in the bursary application

When should you apply for bursaries : Most people dont know when to apply for bursaries and so always fail to get a bursary to fund their schooling. The best time to apply for bursaries is 6 months before university reopens. The advantage of applying way before time ,thus 6 moths at least, is that you get enough time to search for all available bursaries. You also get ample time to fill the bursary application forms correctly before submitting it

Difference between bursaries and Scholarships ?

I will explain the difference between bursaries and scholarships in a very easy way for my readers. Bursaries and scholarships have some similarities thus they all involve financial reward ,the difference is bursaries offer more than what scholarships can offer. Scholarships offer mainly money to cover your tuition

Bursary on the other hand offers :

  • tuition fees
  • accommodation fees
  • books fees
  • jobs, internships/learnerships during vacations or after graduation

Things to note about bursaries

bursary criteria : This are the requirements for the bursary application. Every bursary has it own criteria / requirements so please read through the bursary requirements before applying

bursary opening dates : This is basically the time the bursary application forms will be available to apply

bursary closing dates : This is the time the bursary will be closed for application. The bursary closing dates are very important , please note the bursary closing dates before applying. If the bursary has closed please dont bother applying

bursary area of study : Each bursary cover a specific course or multiple courses . There are teaching bursaries, accounting bursaries , IT and software bursaries , engineering bursaries , medical bursaries , law bursaries , accounting bursaries , mba and post-graduate bursaries , undergraduate bursaries and more


Top bursaries 2018 application forms

Instead of listing a long list of bursaries which will never benefit you but rather waste your time applying , we have listed the best performing bursaries in south africa. Below are the best available bursaries in south africa

funza lushaka bursary application forms | Teaching bursary

Nsfas online application

motsepe foundation bursary closing and opening dates

seta bursary online application

Unisa council bursary opening and closing dates

Transnet bursary online application

Shoprite accounting bursary 2018 application form 

Shoprite logistics/supply chain bursary 2018 online application forms

shoprite bursary 2018 application forms