CONSTRUCTION EDUCATION AND TRAINING AUTHORITY CETA BURSARIES 2017 – 2018 .  Sa bursaries , bursaries south africa

The Construction Education and Training Authority, known as CETA, promotes as well as facilitates the development of bright individuals by providing bursaries so they can acquire skills in the Construction sector.

Their bursaries will cover the following for deserving candidates:

  • Tuition fee
  • Books prescribed for their field of study in addition to course material required up to an amount of R3500 per year

Bursaries are there to aid exceptional students reach their goals, although, scarce and critical skills applied for will get preference.

Accommodation needs will be considered only under specific conditions.  The bursary will not be automatically renewed for following year; it will depend on the progress of each candidate according to standards of satisfaction.  If a candidate should have to repeat a year of study, they will do so on their own cost and may apply to have their bursary reinstated the following year if progress is satisfactory.  Payment of bursary will be done to the institute of higher learning directly by the CETA Administrator.

Once a candidate has completed their studies successfully they will be required to work for a South African Construction company based in South Africa.  The term of employment will be equal to the term of their bursary.  Candidates will also be required to supply CETA with confirmation of that employment on a yearly basis.

If a candidate after completion of their study takes work with a company other than provided by CETA as an Adoptive Company, candidates will be required to pay back to CETA all costs of the bursary plus interest, as determined by CETA.

If after completion of studies CETA or any of their Adoptive Companies cannot provide the candidate with work in an 18 months period, candidates will be released of any further obligation towards the bursary.


  1. Thandiwe Agnes Sambo

    My name is Thandiwe Agnes Sambo a teacher by profession having certificate in education.Having Diploma in higher Education.Having ADVANCe Certificate In Education:LIFE ORIENTATION now I’m working at ABET .I want to study further to be able to work in TEchnical Colleges .I want to do boiler making please help me to fulfill my dreams .My family is depending in me .

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