DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT BURSARIES . More details about department of social development bursaries below . Department of social development bursary application

The National Department of Social Development has noticed that there is a great scarcity within this field, therefore, they are offering successful candidates the opportunity to study and become qualified. They are allowing candidates whom are currently studying within this sector, along with those interested to study in this field, to apply for bursaries towards a Social Work Degree. Candidates who are currently studying under one of their bursaries, or whom already have funding assistance, may not apply as they already have support.

Candidates can expect the following from these bursaries:

  • Fully paid Tuition
  • Fully paid Prescribed Books
  • Fully paid Registration
  • Fully paid Accommodation, only that as supplied by the University

The Department opens their bursaries for all candidates, however, preference will be given to candidates with a disability, candidates from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, and candidates from youth care facilities. Also, candidates who do not hold any other form of funding or bursary, and whom are permanent residents of their province, thus, candidates must apply within their province.

Bursaries will be awarded to candidates that comply with all the requirements, whom have been accepted at an Institute of Higher learning within their province. Social Work is one of the scarce skills within South Africa, these bursaries are to aid in promoting careers in this field. Strengthening the workforce in all provinces by delivering a workforce, committed to making a change by helping others.

Bursary holders will receive aid for education, skills development and training. This bursary scheme also helps with delivering Employment Equity amongst all South Africans.   

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