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We know how difficult it can be when you need funding for your schooling, we understand the financial challenges one can face in the pursuit of education. Eduloan which is currently called  has been assisting south african students with funding since 1996 , we will guide you through Eduloan online application and help you get eduloan forms plus additional information on how eduloan works

multichoice bursary 2018 application forms pdf

How eduloan works

Fundi.coza which was formerly called Eduloan is a financial institution whose main objectives is to provide loans for students.The beauty of eduloans is that they give out loans to all levels of tuition not only university loans. The have a very wide range of loans which we will work you through very soon.

Its simple , go to the link here and register for eduloan through , once your loan gets approved you can login to your my fundi card online to get access to your money

Eduloan online application

Now you can apply for funding through eduloan online application , select your level of tuition to start your application process. Eduloan provide loans for the various levels of tuition

Private school education
Tertiary Education
Short Course Programmes
Post Graduate Degrees
Executive Education
MBA Loans

Apply for eduloans , please click here

For MBA students please use the special link here 



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