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Fasset is a leading financial and accounting organization in south africa , busaries from fasset targets primarily the students studying accounting , management or even people studying for MBA degree in south africa.

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  • Only African Black learners who are South African citizens, by birth or became a South African citizen before 27 April 1994, with a valid South African identity document may apply or be put forward for the grant.
  • Learners must have completed at least a three-year qualification that is aligned to a scarce skill within the Fasset sector.
  • This grant is applicable to: Learners who are in full-time employment, on or completing a learnership programme in 2016, with an employer whose levy number falls into the Fasset Seta.
  • Learners who are currently in their second or third year of a learnership and, who are claiming this grant for the first time, will be eligible to apply for all previous years of the learnership already completed.


Only specific qualifications and learnership programmes are eligible for this grant. These are described below.

For qualifications, the following is applicable:

  • The course completed must relate to a scarce skill in the Fasset sector.
  • An official transcript or certificate showing successful qualification completion, must accompany each application.

For learnership programmes, the following is applicable:

  • The learnership may be registered with Fasset or with another Seta (as defined in the Skills Development Act 97 of 2000 as amended).
  • An official confirmation letter of the registered learner should be attached to the application in the case of a registered learner i.e. a learner letter of commencement.
  • The learnership programme must not be less than 12 months, on a full-time basis.

For more information on Fasset bursaries please contact them below

Contact Us
E-mail: fassetcallcentre@fasset.org.za
Call Centre: 086 101 0001
Telephone: (011) 476 8570
Facsimile: (011) 476 5756

Physical Address
Building 3, Ground Floor
299 Pendoring Road


Postal Address
PO Box 6801

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