IDC bursary application forms

IDC bursary application forms  |  Industrial Development Corporation application forms

ABOUT IDC bursary

The bursary will be awarded to students who are studying or intend on studying full-time within one of the following fields:
Engineering (BSc):

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Geology
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Metallurgy Engineering
  • Mining Engineering

Applied Commercial Sciences:

  • Actuarial Science
  • Accountancy (CA) (Bcom)
  • Agriculture
  • Computer Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Information Systems (Bcom)
  • Information Technology
  • Investment Management

The following expenses will be covered by the bursary programme: tuition, prescribed books, accommodation on campus and meal allowance.

Once students have graduated, they will be required to work for IDC for an amount of time equal to that of their bursary awarded.

IDC bursary requirements

Applicants must satisfy the following minimum entry criteria before applying:

  • South African citizen
  • In Matric or have completed Matrc
  • Achieved a minimum “B” symbol in Matric Science and Mathematics
  • Qualify for University/ University of Technology/ TVET admission
  • Studying (or intend on studying) full-time in one of the above fields, at a recognised South African tertiary institution (students who are studying at a college will not be eligible to apply)
  • Current tertiary students must have completed and passed all prior subjects
  • Current tertiary students must have a minimum “C” symbol for overall average
  • Not currently receiving any other bursary aid
  • Good academic results: current Matric students will be assessed based on Matric mid-year results compared to Grade 11 final results and Matric prelim results, whereas current tertiary students will be assessed based on their Matric and latest results

*Preference will be given to students from rural areas.

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