nsfas login 2020 : How to login to nsfas or rest your nsfas password and check nsfas status

We and nsfas say welcome to 2020. Nsfas 2020 login guide will help you on how to login to nsfas this 2020 and also help you with common login problems such as resetting your password as well as help you check your status. First of all lest talk about some common problems or questions some people might have in 2020 regarding nsfas login.

Why cant i login to nsfas

A lot of people are frustrated about their inability to login to nsfas , i will explain some common issues and find a fix for them.

Cant login to nsfas due to wrong password

One of the main reasons why lots of people are unable to login to nsfas has to do with the issue of wrong password. In this case you can try a hundred times and will still not be able to login if your password is wrong.


The only solution here is to reset your nsfas password in order for you to login again. To reset your nsfas password follow this guide.

How to rest nsfas password 2020

  1. Go to nsfas student portal by clicking here
  2. Click on Forgot Your Password
  3. Submit your nsfas ID number and set your password

Cant login to nsfas : site displays white page

Have you ever tried logging in to nsfas only to be greeted with a white page? well we have the fix for it. This happens when the website is down or has crashed .


First of all if the website has crushed or is down there is nothing you can do about it other than to wait for the website to be back online, you can check back the nsfas student portal in the evening when the site is less busy to login.

How to login to nsfas – check your nsfas status

Now logging in to nsfas is very easy, nsfas has one portal for students to manage their application, appeal for reconsideration and check their nsfas wallet. The portal to login to nsfas is here. Once you are logged in you will have access to nsfas dashboard and can also check your nsfas status.

Login to nsfas click here

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