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A lot of pople are still confused as to what nsfas is really about ,according to the nsfas site ”

A NSFAS bursary is the money you receive to cover the costs of your studies for certain qualifications at any public university or college in South Africa.We administer various bursary funds including the ones listed below.

Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

The Funza Lushaka Bursary Programme

social work bursaries

Disability Bursary Programme

So basically you apply for a bursary or funding from the above bursaries and money will be paid to your “my nsfas” account. They administer the disbursement of funds from the above institutions

Note Nsfas do not award bursaries directly  they only administer however if you want a student loan in south africa  Nsfas is your best choice. Apply for a Nsfas student loan by clicking here

Let me make it more practical to you , lest say you apply for  funza lushaka application form 2018  and you get approved the money will be paid into your ” my nsfas” account for you to withdraw

If you have already gotten approved fr a bursary the money will be payed into your nsfas account , you can check by clicking here


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