shoprite bursary 2018 application forms

Are you looking for bursary for 2018 ? then you should strongly consider shoprite 2018 bursary. The bursary covers your tuition , accommodation and other basic necessities. Shoprite currently has accounting bursary 2018 , pharmacy bursary 2018 and retail/hospitality management bursary 2018 , Bpharm bursar 2018 , logistics bursary 2018. More about shoprite bursary program 2018 below

closing dates for shoprite bursary 2018 is september 30th 2018 for all bursaries



shoprite bursary 2018

Shoprite is currently the largest retail company in south africa and even across the continent of africa. Shoprite is into food , pharmacy , furniture and many more. The bursary was setup by the company as part of it’s Corporate Social Responsibility in the country it finds itself in. The bursary is currently for students in south africa studying pharmacy , accounting, retail/hospitality management and logistics . The link for each bursary will be below

shoprite bursary application form 2018 pdf

The good news is shoprite bursary 2018 can be downloaded as pdf. You can then fill the form and mail it back to them. I personally prefer you apply through the online application form which i will cover below , this will make it easier and less stressful to apply for the bursary,

shoprite bursary online application

Check out the list for the various shoprite bursary program below and also the online application forms

shoprite bursary online application 2017

Unfortunately shoprite bursary closes in september each year. If you are looking for the 2017 application form then am sorry the bursary has closed , you can take part in the 2018 shoprite bursary program

shoprite bursary application form

Get the shoprite bursary application form for each of the courses below , we have detailed instructions and requirement for each bursary listed below.

shoprite bursary application form pdf

Download the pdf or fill the form online , all links to the bursary application form is listed below for each course.

shoprite group bursary

shoprite bursary 2018 is offered by the shoprite group , the largest retail business in africa. Shoprite group currently has these subsidiaries

  1. Shoprite
  2. Checkers
  3. checkers Hyper
  4. Freshmark
  5. Medi rite pharmacy
  6. Liquorshop
  7. computicket
  8. Money Market
  9. Transpharm
  10. OKminimark

and many more brands. Apply for the shoprite bursary below

shoprite logistics bursary / shoprite logistics bursary application form

Get more information about the different bursaries offered by the shoprite bursary program below.
shoprite logistics bursary application form

shoprite bursary login

If you wish to login into your  shoprite bursary 2018 you can do so by clicking on the link here


How much does the shoprite bursary cover?

Depending on the course and institution/university you are in the shoprite bursary 2018 ranges from R30 000 to R60 000. The shoprite bursary 2018 is intended to cover your tuition , books as well as allowances for accommodation

Will shoprite pay for my accommodation if am not in the university resident?

Yes , shprite will still pay for your accommodation of you are not in the univeristy hall of residence. Shoprite priority is to pay for your tuition and books , the surplus after the tuiton and books have been covered will be received in intallments by the bursary holder which can be used to pay for your apartment/rent/flat

What do i owe shoprite for the bursary provided in terms of workback?

It is mandatory to work back your years of receiving a bursary. if you received a bursary amount for a year then you will be required to work back for a year. If you should leave shoprite before completing a work back you will be required to pay a pro rata amount

What if i fail a module?

If you fail a module your bursary will be suspended not cancelled, you have to write that module again and if you pass you can reapply to be admitted to the programme

Will the shoprite bursary cover any extracurricular module?

Yes , provided it does not exceed the value of the bursary awarded

What will happen after i have completed my work back?

Once you are done with your shoprite bursary work back , you will continue to be employed in the company or you can decide to quit.

Shoprite accounting bursary 2018 application form

Are you an accounting student in one of the universities in south african and i need of an accounting bursary 2018 to further your studies ? if yes then this shoprite accounting bursary will be excellent for your need.

For more details about the shoprite accounting bursary 2018 please click here , it will lead you to a page containing the details and requirement for the accounting bursary 2018 

Shoprite pharmacy bursary 2018 application form

If you are studying pharmacy and need a pharmacy bursary 2018 then apply for shoprite pharmacy bursary 2018 by clicking here

FOR SHOPRITE RETAIL/HOSPITALITY bursary 2018 and also Logistics bursaries 2018 please click here

Shoprite Bpharm bursary 2018 online application form , click here







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