standard bank student loan application form pdf | Requirements

standard bank offers student loans to south african tertiary students at a low interest rate . Student loans are given to cover your tuition and accommodation (if you are a full time student)

Requirements for standard bank student loan

If you plan to apply online for standard bank student loan then follow their requirements strictly to enhance your chance of getting approved for the student loan

To qualify for the student loan you must be a registered student of a tertiary institution in south africa and studying towards

  • a certificate;
  • a diploma;
  • a degree; or
  • a postgraduate degree or diploma

Income Criteria

  • Degree and Diploma: Your surety should earn a minimum income of R3 000 per month.
  • Other Courses: Your surety should earn a minimum of R5000 per month.
  • Part Time students who earn R5000 or more do not require a surety.

If you satisfy the above criteria then you can begin your process of applying for standard bank student loan . Please click here

You can also contact standard bank student loan center on 0860 123 000

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