taxi strike 8 november 2017 during matric exams

08 november 2017 marks yet another strike by the National Taxi Alliance (NTA) in 2017. The strike will pave way for the march to the department of transport where the first memorandum will be delivered .

Some busy cities such cape town has not been hit with the strike yet but Tshwane has been hard hit

The march is to present a memorandum of grievances to the department of transport and the office of presidency concerning key issues affecting the taxi businesses such as  provisions of the National Land Transport Act, matters related to operations, thIntegrated Public Transport Network or the BRT system, compensation for an operator surrendering an operating license, the Taxi Recapitalisation Programme, and the public transport subsidy.

taxi strike 8 november 2017 effect on matric exams

It is unfortunate that this strike in happening just when the pupils are about to write their matric exams , this will in effect hinder the students ability to attend school especially those who live far from their school and only means of affordable transport is public bus.

This is what the minister of education had to say about the effect of the strike on the ongoing matric exams

“It is concerning and unfortunate that, such activities continue to be organised during this critical period of examinations in the education environment, actually such activities subvert the country,” Lesufi said.

“All our Grade 12 learners should be preoccupied by preparations and excelling in their work [rather] than, any other activity that is derailing their efforts and focus thereof.”


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